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Energy Savings

Insulated homes heat quicker in turn saving you on heating costs in the long term. 


Families living in adequately insulated homes have fewer sick days or doctors visits. 


Insulation keep your home warmer and cooler in winter. It keeps you comfortable all year around.


Knauf Earthwool

Earthwool Insulation is a specialised type of glasswool insulation (also known as fibreglass) and is only manufactured by Knauf.

Like other glasswool products, Earthwool Insulation is manufactured from materials such as recycled glass bottles and sand. However, what makes Earthwool different from conventional glasswool products is that it is manufactured with ECOSE Technology.

Ecose Technology

Binded using bio-based materials rather than chemicals.

Recycled Glass

Made using up to 80% recycled glass.


Comes with inherent fire performance and will not catch fire.

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