Petrie Street, Wainuiomata


A room in Petrie Street in Wainuiomata is about to undergo a transformation, and it all begins with the meticulous process of removing old wallpaper and applying fresh coats of paint. This project promises to breathe new life into the room. Let's have a look at wallpaper removal and painting at Petrie Street, Wainuiomata.

The Evolution of Interior Design

As trends in interior design evolve, so do preferences for wall treatments. The process of removing outdated wallpaper signifies a shift towards contemporary aesthetics and personalized style. 

Preparing for the Transformation

Removing wallpaper is a meticulous task that requires precision and care. We understand the importance of proper preparation, from scoring and soaking the wallpaper to carefully peeling it away without damaging the underlying walls. This meticulous approach sets the stage for a flawless painting process. 

Enhancing Visual Appeal

The combination of wallpaper being removed and fresh paint enhances the visual appeal of interiors. Smooth, freshly painted walls create a sense of spaciousness and freshness, while also allowing architectural features to shine. 

In conclusion, this project was a very quick one for us but also a first in terms of having to remove wallpaper prior to painting. Whilst it is an uncommon task for us, we did it with ease and completed an epic paint job to finish it off.

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