Parenga Street, Wainuiomata

Lawn Care, Exterior Cleaning, Fence Repairs and General Repairs
The Brief:

This rental property has been owned by the landlord for nearly three years. However, little to nothing was done in terms of maintenance over those years and he felt the house needed a bit of work. 

What We Did:

First, we mowed the lawn and trimmed the edges as there were plenty of overgrown areas. We then removed unwanted plants and cut the hedges back as they were ballooning out but also thinning. By cutting it back, it allows for new growth and the hedge to thicken again in the near future. Over and above that, we then weed sprayed over the property to remove unsightly weed growth and to ensure that it doesn't grown there longer term. Next, we focused on water blasting the fences, staining then painting the posts to give the property a fresh look outside. Repairs were also made on the fencing as some of the wood were warped.

The Outcome:

Probably one of the best looking fences and yard in the street. The landlord is extremely happy of the work that has been done and has asked us to do more work for him. Stay tuned for part two.

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