Norfolk Street, Wainuiomata

Tiling and Vinyl Flooring

Join us on a virtual tour of our recent renovation project on Norfolk Street! In this blog post, we'll showcase the stunning transformation that took place, focusing on the installation of new vinyl flooring and a tile splash back that added both style and practicality to the space.

The hole in the wall: Using high-quality filler materials, we meticulously fill the holes to create a seamless surface. We ensure that the filler is applied evenly and smoothly, minimising any visible imperfections. After filling, we carefully sand the area to create a smooth and level finish, ready for painting or finishing.

Installing New Vinyl Flooring: The foundation of any interior design is the flooring, and at Norfolk Street, we opted for modern and durable vinyl flooring. This choice not only adds visual appeal but also ensures easy maintenance and longevity. The seamless installation creates a cohesive look throughout the area, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Creating a Striking Tile Splashback: The kitchen is often the heart of the home, and we wanted to make a statement with a striking tile splash back. We made sure tiles selected complemented the existing décor while adding a touch of sophistication and texture. The splashback not only serves as a focal point but also protects the walls from splashes and spills, making it both functional and stylish. 

This kitchen space now looks tidy, modern and will easily blend in with the rest of the rest of the household when renovations are completed. Another project we are absolutely proud of!

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