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Welcome to our latest renovation project at Bull Avenue! In this blog post, we're excited to share the transformation journey of this space, highlighting the meticulous work done to breathe new life into every corner.

Filled and Sanded Surfaces: Our first step was to address any imperfections in the walls and ceilings. We meticulously filled all the holes, sanded surfaces where required, and scraped off loose paint to ensure a smooth and even base for the upcoming paint job.

Prepped and Primed: After prepping the surfaces, we applied undercoat, primer, and sealer where necessary. This crucial step not only enhances the durability of the paint but also ensures a flawless finish that lasts for years to come.

Painted Lounge and Kitchen: The heart of Bull Avenue received a vibrant makeover as we painted the lounge walls and kitchen ceiling and walls. The fresh coat of paint breathed new life into the space, creating a welcoming and cozy atmosphere.

Enhanced Details: Details matter, which is why we paid attention to every aspect. We painted skirting boards, filled and sanded damaged kitchen cupboards, and gave them a fresh coat of paint. The result? A cohesive and polished look throughout the kitchen area.

Upgraded Flooring: To complete the transformation, we installed stunning vinyl flooring that not only adds visual appeal but also durability and easy maintenance. We applied sealant on the edges of the kitchen, toilet, and bathroom flooring to ensure a watertight and long-lasting finish.

Finishing Touches: In addition to the major renovations, we took care of the finer details. We replaced the toilet door stop, upgraded the kitchen benchtop and sink, and installed a new kitchen blind. These small yet impactful changes added functionality and style to the space.

The Result:

An investment property that is now worthy to be listed in the market. No more holes in the wall, no more thick grime, no more old dirty floor but rather a revitalised home. We did all the above without having to do extensive building work but achieved an outcome whereby the areas looked far better than they use to be.

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